About us
What does ENRU do?
ENRU makes batteries. Bigger than in phones and laptops, but smaller than in containers.

We save energy in batteries to power your home or office all the time.

We control our batteries to prolong their life and make them pay off faster.

We connect our batteries to an electricity grid or to solar panels to use cheaper energy during peak hours.

We use the best lithium-ion cells to create batteries and give a 5-year warranty.

Our batteries live longer and work safer than others. After 13 years, our battery will still has 80% of its original capacity.

Dmitry Molchanov

MIIT - applied mathematician, MSU - Ph.D. in Economics
Serial technology entrepreneur, founder of Dom.ru and ENRU, Member of the National Association of Business Angels, Member of Board of Directors of Dubny and Troitsk nanocentres.

Project ideologist and manager with a solid background in computer science and economics. In 2015 founded company ENRU for the development of electrical storage devices based on LiFeSO4 cells. In 2016 founded company Smart meter developing IP in deep learning algorithms for detecting events in power consumptions. In 2016 founded company Ganpower joining all the efforts in power electronics and smart home devices.

The idea to create a battery company came to Dmitry Molchanov in 2015.
We work in Troitsk, Moscow. Among our shareholders there are 2 nanocenters - Troitsk's and Novosibirsk's.
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