ENRU was developed with the idea of cost effective transfer from lead-acid to lithium batteries. That's why we use Lithium iron phosphate chemistry inside which allows to outperform the previous century lead acid tech for the relatively same price.

Li-FePO4 can handle everyday charging/discharging cycling for more than 13 years and even after that be capable to store 80% of its initial capacity. Self discharge is as low as 3% per month thus ENRU battery can be left unattended for a long time.
Active Battery Management System (BMS)
ENRU is safe. 4 levels of protection keep the battery away from overheating, overcharge or discharge, short circuit, overload. Permanent monitoring of voltage of each cell in battery, temperature in most critical locations and overall current prevents any kind of malfunctioning.

Active balancing guarantees that ENRU is always ready to give away all the available energy what means up to 10% increase of actual capacity. It also means that there is no heat dissipation on shunt resistors and therefore the battery is more safe and efficient.

Precise prediction of the remaining energy, a.k.a. State of Charge, due to proprietary self learning algorithm allows to rely on the numbers even in critical UPS or EV application. Meanwhile State of Health tells you how is the battery doing in its life cycle.
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